Recent changes broke core audio device handling

It seems that some recent changes may have broken Core Audio device handling.

This code was working fine for me until today:

_device_manager.reset(new AudioDeviceManager());
_device_manager->initialise(0, 2, nullptr, true);

But after a fresh git pull and rebuild I get this error:

Can't open the audio device!

This may be because another application is currently using the same device - if so, you should close any other applications and try again!

If I revert back to commit 7906c75f4de45a594327b5828ab47e06b6099af5 then everything works again. Do I need to change the way I'm using this API or is something broken here?

Sorry - there was a silly typo that messed it up for opening input-only devices.. Fixed now!

Thanks for the quick fix!