Recording and Playback Without saving a WAV file

So I’m trying to make an application that requires recording and playback without saving the audio to disk. My issue is that I’m not exactly where in the Audio Recording demo the audio is written and where it is just stored to a memory block. I was thinking of using AudioTransportSource and setting it’s source to be the memory block and then playing it back. I’m not completely sure if this will work or is the right path. Once again, I am not clear WHERE it rights the file to memory and where it writes it to disk. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Save the audio in a float array, but you will have to build your own custom AudioSource to play it. It will work, I have tried that method.

Thank you. I’m new to JUCE and this is showing to be quite the challenge so thank you. Should I place the array/buffer in AudioIODevice or inside of the recording function I’ll be calling on?

It depends on what you are trying to do if you need only one of those recorders I’ll probably save the data inside the audio source. And yes at the beginning Juce is challenging but then you see it really powerful and well designed!!