Regular timing


From what has been said before in the thread "Audio Plugins / accurate timing", with the audio callback, we can get an accurate timer.

Can we make an Audio App, and not a plug-in, then use the audio callback of this app, so not necessarily the  AudioProcessor::getPlayHead (), which is used for building plug-ins ? Is there an example around of such an app ?

I also saw there was an example in this forum for "Accurate timing without audio", which uses the AudioDeviceManager, but there may be another way in the frame of an audio app ?


Don't really understand the question.. Obviously if you've got an app that's running an audio device, then those audio callbacks are the same as a plugin's callback, so you can count samples in just the same way (?)

Thanks Jules

It just seemed to me that the strong suggestion was to use the AudioProcessor::getPlayHead () method, which belongs to the audio plugin class, not to the Audio App's.

But to explain more : my goal is to have an accurate visual feedback of where we are in the curve versus time when I run the audio synthesis following the graphically edited parameter. I would need also to be able to position the graphic playhead at some point in time, and get an immediate sounding result from this.

Just if you had any suggestion...

The AudioProcessor class can be used as the basis for your own audio processing regardless of things happening inside a plugin or not.

It might in fact be a pretty good idea to implement your stuff that way anyway, instead of making the AudioIODeviceCallback object do too much.

Thanks Xenakios I'll give it a try !