Tells me to look at RelativeCoordinate for the explanation of the syntax.  But RelativeCoordinate don't have no xplanification :)

Is there one somewhere :)

Hmm, that is a bit lame!

Try this:

..that's the best explanifying I can find for the expression format. Ta for the heads-up, I'll update the RelativeCoordinate comments to hopefully lead somewhere that's not a dead-end!

Cheers - that link looks great. 

Also - When you're fixing it, I also noticed that the Value Listener documentation seems to have become confused with the ValueTree documentation. Some kind of cut-and-paste problem maybe? 


void Value::addListener ( Listener *  listener )

Adds a listener to receive callbacks when the value changes.

The listener is added to this specific Value object, and not to the shared object that it refers to. When this object is deleted, all the listeners will be lost, even if other references to the same Value still exist. So when you're adding a listener, make sure that you add it to a ValueTree instance that will last for as long as you need the listener. In general, you'd never want to add a listener to a local stack-based ValueTree, but more likely to one that's a member variable.

Ta, will sanity-check that!