Release build crashes on start up

I spent the past few week rewriting and re-factoring all my code so that it follows the coding practices imposed(not sure this is the right word…) by JUCE. After getting to stage where I thought my code is pretty water tight I decided to try a release build. To my disappointment it crashes on start up. I’ve no idea how to even begin to try to fix this problem as I can’t seem to debug release builds with Studio Express 2010. If I turn off JUCE_CHECK_MEMORY_LEAKS it runs fine. Are there any things I should be looking out for? My app is based on the Standalone plugin wrapper. I did see an old post about a similar problem but there didn’t seem to be any concrete solution presented.


Compile the Juce demo plugin for release, and make sure that works. Once you have that working, bring in parts of your code one section at a time until it stops working. When it stops functioning, whatever you just added is likely the culprit.

Sounds like this:

Thanks Jules, I didn’t manage to find that thread, I’ll take a look and see if it helps. I wrote my code based around the code found in the demos, I just forgot to keep trying the release build!