Remove unused modules

Is there a simple way to find which modules are used by a project, and remove the unused ones?

what can be done to reduce the size of applications built in JUCE?  I just built a very simple audio player following the example in "Getting Started with JUCE", and added a basic thumbnail view to it, and did delete a couple of modules that were unneeded (cryptography, openGL, etc) But it's still a 17mb app, which seems a bit bloated. 

The introjucer will automatically check inter-module dependencies and show any module in red that is missing another module. Therefore, you can just keep on deleting modules until one of the modules shows up in red. 

However, there is no way for the Introjucer to check which module your own code is using. 

Regarding the binary size: Are you building in debug mode? Debug mode will not strip unused code and add loads of debug information. For example, the JuceDemo is 37 M in debug mode vs. 11 M when built in release mode.

yes, i was building in debug mode.  And yeah, figured out the red thing....but was only able to remove a couple of modules that way.  Hopefully release mode will help a bit.  :)

and ond off topic here, but was talking with Oliver today about getting libpd running with JUCE.  I hope that works out ok!  I'm very keen to test that out.  

debug build was 17mb, but release build is only 5mb.  that's great.  :)