Removing events from MidiBuffer while iterating

When i use the MidiBuffer::Iterator can i clear messages in the iteration loop or will it break the iterator and i need to re-iterate the buffer. I want to clear some events based on the MidiThru option while processing in the processBlock() AudioProcessor call.

That’d definitely break, it’s a packed structure so the iterator would have to start again from the beginning.

Anyone has any suggestions on how to remove selected (based on the midi channel) MidiMessages from a MidiBuffer without re-iterating it and without additional memory allocations?

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Depending on what you’re doing, the best approach is probably to have a second buffer, and copy any events into it that you DO want while iterating, and then swap them over afterwards (which is very quick to do).

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I thought about keeping a second MidiBuffer with some pre-allocated data and copy the wanted messages to it and then swap back as you say. I’ll try that.



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