Render Multiple Paint Calls UI Freeze

Just took some time to reintegrate a product into JUCE 7 – noticed a bit of a nasty issue when profiling the render with multiple paint call flags.

What I did to reproduce:

Launch app (animated and looking good, launched from timer profiler)
Select Safari or some app which entirely covers the app / plugin (in standalone)
Noticed the UI thread went to 0% usage
Brought UI back to front of desktop
Result: Frozen UI

Didn’t look like a thread lock since the CPU went to 0 – almost looked like the OS stopped sending paint events when the UI went to the back, and didn’t start again when it went to the front.

Will investigate more tomorrow – just kicking off a thread here, confirmed it wasn’t happening with the flag off.

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Thank you for reporting.


Nice! That was fast thanks Tom

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