Repaint issue

Hi, have a strange situation where JUCE is repainting multiple sliders when I move a single slider. If I move one at the top left, only that is repainted. As I move sliders to the right and down, all sliders in the “rectangle” formed by the location of that slider are repainted and I can’t figure out why. I’ve checked my code for errant repaint() messages and can’t find any. I’ve removed all the listeners from the controls so that no code of mine is executed.

Anyone any ideas what could be causing this?


Ok, so I’ve figured out what’s going on. When I move a slider, it updates a display value in the top left hand corner of the screen. JUCE then invalidates the whole area between the slider that moved and this display value.

Is there anyway I can get round this in this circumstance so it only invalidates the area of the label and the area of the slider?


Maybe this?

thx Jules - will give that a go.