Request: TableListBox::getCellBounds()

Would it be possible to add the function

const Rectangle TableListBox::getCellBounds(const int columnId, const int rowNumber) ?

Perhaps one could even add 2 booleans “crossleftborder” and “crossrightborder”, so the returned bounds would not cross left or/and right border.

This function would just return position and size of some cell as screen coordinates relative to the TableListBox´s topleft corner.

After retreiving the bounds one could for instance put some InplaceEditorComponent over the cell.

umm… you mean like TableListBox::getCellPosition()? Or is that not what you’re looking for?

getCellPosition() always returns the same, no matter if the cell is visible to the user or not.

what I mean is a function that returns the bounds that are visible to the user. for instance if the cell (column=5, row=1000) is visible to the user at position x=100 and y=200 (x and y being relative to the TableListBox´s origin on screen), then it should return Rectangle(100,200,width_of_cell, height_of_cell).

Ok, that’s a good request.

Have you already had the time to look at this one? :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ll be checking some changes in soon.

Thanks :slight_smile: