Resampling AudioProcessor

Hi All,

I am writing my JUCE app using AudioProcessosor and Graphs due to flexibility of routing the audio within the graph (I need parallel sends etc.. within the graph).

One thing I need is to be able to vary the speed of the audio played through the graph/processor (adjustable while playing). 

Now I can do this successfully using ResamplingAudioSource and it works well, but how can I port this over to a Processor architecture? 

I tried porting the ResamplingAudioSource code into a AudioProcessor and it give distorted sound that kindof chaged pitch when ratio changed.... I am guessing because with a Processor the input and output sample rate should be the same...

Another thing I tried was to wrap the ResamplingAudioSource in a Processor but that failed miserably and produced tonal wierdness....

Any help appreciated...



Might be worth double checking the parameters for prepareToPlay.  They are flipped between an AudioSource and AudioProcessor.



I'd recommend checking out the code in the ResamplingAudioSource::getNextAudioBlock (const AudioSourceChannelInfo& info) method.

You can copy that to an AudioProcessors::processBlock() method, and just go from there.


Thanks, Graeme; I did note the arse-about-ness off these parameters.. they look ok.

Aaron; that is the approach that I am taking and where I am having these distorted issues.... have you actually got this working yourself? If so any chance you could post or pm and example?


I think the problem may be more fundamental to AudioProcessors, and to do with the fixed number of samples that AudioProcessor uses in the graph flow (ie; "buffer.setSize" only makes a difference locally in the processBlock, and not passed out externally) ... where as AudioSource can pull as many samples from the input source as it likes...