Resizable Window and DirectShow

I’m noticing in both the Juce Demo and my application that, in Windows, when resizing a window, if there are any child components whose bounds are relative, they don’t update their position/size very smoothly. You resize the window, and THEN a moment later, the child components jump to their new position/size. This doesn’t happen on Mac, only Windows so I’m assuming this is a Windows thing that we have no control of?

Either way, when all child components jump to their new size/position at the same time, it looks fine enough. But in my case, and Juce Demo’s case, if you have some standard components like a slider, button, background image, etc AND a DirectShowComponent (with a video loaded) on the same page, the standard components do their usually jumpy resizing, while the DirectShow vid resizes very smoothly along with the window. So, for example, if the standard components are below the video and resize the window outward the video will actually cover up or overlap the other components for a second, before those components jump to their new position/size. Is this just a Windows behavior that we’re stuck with?