ResizableWindow problem


When I press the maximise button on my ResizableWindow it takes the full screen region (including the taskbar) on Windows, but when I restart my application and the state of the ResizableWindow is restored, the ResizableWindow will only take the full screen WITHOUT the Taskbar region. I noticed that the fullscreen flag fs gets never set in the String that is used to restore the state. It is a non-native window.
Is this a bug?


Maybe, but I can’t replicate it here…


I´m doing nothing special, just having my main component inside of a DocumentWindow. Any tests I could make to help you solve the problem?


Dunno… What OS are you using?


Windows XP


Me too. The jucer works ok, though. Try that and see if it causes a problem for you.


The Jucer doesn’t do a real full screen here, the Taskbar stays always visible.


That’s what should happen. So what are you doing differently in your app?


I just found out that I hacked the JUCE code some while a bit, so that’s why my app behaved differently. Sorry for that. But my initial wish (to get the application to use the whole screen) still stays: Is there a way to tell the ResizableWindow to make it “real” fullscreen, i.e. including the Taskbar ?


No, but I do want at some point to add a “kiosk” mode that does exactly that.


Very good idea! It looks much more professional, when my DJ app takes the whole screen :slight_smile: