Resizeable rendered knobs?

Just wondering if anyone has done some nice knobs that can be set at any size? :mrgreen:

I was thinking on just adding 4 sizes of rendered knobs and the user selects one, this would be for all elements, not just knobs. Some stuff I use the pink-layer option and a special pink code to create multiple images that can be stretch at any size, but that doesn´t work on knobs…

Anyway, just mumbling a bit about this… :oops:

Best Regards, WilliamK

There is loads of resources like that in “Knobman” format over, for example:

Oh, I totally forgot about that one. Its a nice app. But still, in Juce, real-time, I have no idea…

I added support for my own “custom knobs” bu overriding all the LookAndFeel for a slider and drawing the frames from a stitched bitmap (png,gif,jpg). All positions of a knob are redered and stitched into one large image, and then those frames are drawn depending on the value of the slider. It’s fast and looks good.