Resizing AU plugins

Hi, any tips on resizing AU plugins? I have this working on standalones and VSTs, but can’t seem to get AU sorted. Any pointers welcome.


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It works for me, if I use the draggable corner.
Dragging the border doesn’t work for me, even though Logic shows the resize cursors :frowning:

I have the exact same problem. VST works fine, AU doesn’t.
I’m using setScaleFactor() in my editor.


I use a call to setTransform() and setSize() - wasn’t aware of the setScaleFactor() call.

@t0m @jules
Can we bother you with this question as we’re working on a commercial product that will launch soon.
Should we expect that, for plugins, the setScaleFactor() should work the same for VST and AU so the window will resize with the increased/decreased editor size?
Or maybe supply a possible workaround for this?

Help appreciated and thanks,

This commit makes the AudioProcessorEditor::setScaleFactor() behaviour in AUs consistent with VSTs.

The setScaleFactor, or also being able to resize dragging the border, like the cursor arrows suggest?

The setScaleFactor() issue, I’ve updated my post to clarify.

Thanks Ed! I’ve just tested it on the Audio Unit and it seems to be working 100%.
In case you’re interested in what we do, we are building the plugins for Audiaire :slight_smile: .

Much appreciated,

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Anyone have luck with setScaleFactor() on DAWs like Reaper?

If I make a VST3 plugin and call setScaleFactor() my whole UI disappears until I resize Reaper’s FX window… and even then when my UI comes back it’s at a y-position that’s equal to the height of my plugin :confused: