Resizing plugins in Logic


In the Juce demo plugin you can resize the plugin editor by dragging the ResizableCornerComponent at the bottom-right side of the window.
With native AUs, however, you can resize the editor by dragging the window’s borders.
Is there a way to make Juce plugins behave like the ones that come with Logic?


Huh! I need to use the search feature more!
It looks like Yair already asked this a while ago…


Bump :slight_smile:


It looks like most of Apple’s own plugins don’t support this, and the few that do are just adjusting an overall scale factor rather than doing a true resize… Does anyone know of any non-Apple plugins that do this??


Even Apple’s AudioUnits don’t support resizing. Only Logic’s internal plug-ins (are they even AudioUnits?) support resizing.


And you’re right, looks like I totally confused built-in plugins with AUs.
Thanks guys!