Resizing the Editor in Cubase 7


I want to resize the PluginEditor at runtime. Using setSize() is working pretty good in VstHost, Cubase 4 and ProTools 9/10 but in Cubase 7 the result is pretty strange. 

The editor starts in the medium window size (start.png)

If you resize to small the difference in width and height is added as black bars in the window ( small-with-black-borders.png)

If you resize it to large this will work (large.png) if you now resize to anyone of the smaller sizes the window will stay its size but add white boxes around the editor ( large-to-medium.png and large-to-small.png)

I zipped and put the project for this into my dropbox:

Is this a Cubase bug? Is there any workaround for this?


Thanks in advance


PS: Our application is currently working with JUCE 2.0.40 and the small test is done with JUCE 3.0.5

PPS: Is there a way to embed the uploaded images?


edit: We are using VST 2.5 and Cubase 7.0.0/7.0.7. 

The juce demo plugin is resizable, and AFAIK that works ok, doesn't it? You should try that to make sure it's not something silly you're doing in your code.

Thanks for your reply, I'll check the demo plugin.

For making sure that I'm not doing anything stupid I made the simple demo plugin which just calls "setSize()" to change it's size.


edit: We just bought a Cubase 7.5 license and it is working there. So this is a Cubase 7 VST 2 only bug.

Finally got the time to check if the demo plugin is working. It is not.

You can't resize it properly in Cubase 7.

Sounds more like a cubase issue to me.. If what's happening is that the host will make its parent window bigger but not smaller, that sounds like their mistake. It's the host's job to react to changes in the plugin window, not something that the plugin does.

Does it also happen in Cubase 7.0.7?
I vaguely remember that this was an early Cubase 7 issue which I think was fixed with an update.