RESOLVED: Broken MidiMessages when reading a MIDI file on OSX

Hello JUCE community,


I am very new to JUCE, so I it can be that the issue that I will report is already known and/or resolved.

But since I found nothing by searching in the net, I have no other option than asking :-)

I am planning to write a commercial plugin and I am currently evaluating frameworks. Since JUCE has a lot audio functionality, and is cross platform and has a affordable licensing model, I started the evaluation with JUCE.

First of all I found JUCE easy to understand and use. And it has a elegant object orientation inside.

To start somewhere I wanted to write a small vst plug-in that reads and plays a MIDI file.

I could get productive real fast and wrote the plugin in one day for windows. It works. All fine.

Next step was porting it to OSX. Here I had several problems compiling the code.

I could resolve them by following these instructions:



Finally the VST plugin was there. I could plug it in. The GUI came up, but there was no MIDI playback.

Making some printouts I found that the MIDI information read from the file into the MidiMessageSequence results getting corrupted MIDI data.

This is what I get when I dump the MIDI event code. This does not look like valid MIDI at all.

Data: 255 3 13 66 76 49 48 48 45 49 57 56 46 77 73 68
Data: 255 84 5 96 0 0 0 0
Data: 255 81 3 9 189 89
Data: 255 88 4 4 2 24 8
Data: 12 160 95

Here is the portion of code where this happens:


    File file(m_midiFileName[m_currProgram]);
    if(!file.exists()) return;
    FileInputStream fiStream(file);
    MidiFile midiFile;
        m_displayTextDiag = "Error: Nothing Loaded";
    if(midiFile.getNumTracks()==0) return;
    midiFile.convertTimestampTicksToSeconds ();
    MidiMessageSequence tempos;

    m_bpmTmp = 120.0;
    if( tempos.getNumEvents()>0 )
        m_bpmTmp = tempos.getEventPointer(0)->message.getTempoSecondsPerQuarterNote();
        m_bpmTmp = 1.0 / (m_bpmTmp /60.0); // assuming 4/4 measure
    if(m_bpmTmp < 20.0)  m_bpmTmp = 120.0;

    MidiMessageSequence m_midiMessagesTmp(*midiFile.getTrack(0));
    m_changeMIDIMessages = true;
    for(int currMessageIndex = 0; currMessageIndex < m_midiMessagesTmp.getNumEvents(); ++currMessageIndex)
        MidiMessage msgMIDI = m_midiMessagesTmp.getEventPointer(currMessageIndex)->message;
        const unsigned char * data = msgMIDI.getRawData();
        int size = msgMIDI.getRawDataSize();
        String temp = "Data: ";
        for(int j=0; j< size; j++)
            temp = temp + String(*data) + String(" ");
        m_displayTextDiag = m_displayTextDiag <<  temp  << "\n";

This works perfectly on windows. I do not know why it does not work in OSX. Did I forget something or did something wrong? Did I found a bug in JUCE? Or is it related to the commenting out of the

AUBase.h line 698:
// virtual OSStatus MIDIEvent( UInt32 inStatus,
// UInt32 inData1,
// UInt32 inData2,
// UInt32 inOffsetSampleFrame) { return kAudio_UnimplementedError; }


by appliying  ?


And of course much more important right now: What can I do to get it running in OSX?

I am lost a little bit in here. Next thing would be to debug into the library code or write own midi file handling. But this I would like to avoid if possible.

Any directions for me?

thank you in advance


BTW:  I am using XCode 4.6.2 and Mountain Lion

It seems it was a linker error. Now it seems to work :-)