[Resolved] How does one obtain manufacturer and plugin codes?

Hi everyone,

I am getting ready for release and I test wherever and whatever I can.

Apologies if this is too basic of a question, but I couldn’t find an answer here on the forum…
These 2 fields:

  • Plugin Manufacturer Code;
  • Plugin Code.

How do I obtain these? Do I have to register somewhere?
Are they Logic-specific fields or they are used for other DAWs as well?

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • There doesn’t seem to be any active database for this. @jimc provided this link with some info on how to pick the id’s properly.
  • on the above link they mention a 3rd property called type. This is “Plugin AU Main Type” in the Projucer. @chrisboy2000 shed light on the possible values for that: “aumu” for instrument and “aufx” for effect.


They are a preprocessor macro (something like Juce_PluginManufactorCode)

Hey Chris,

Yeah, but I mean is there an authority registering those for identification of company and products?


relevant advice

Thanks Jim.

Generally the advice has been to pick a manufacturer code as it relates to your company name (since that is hopefully unique) and try to make it unique to the best of your knowledge.

That’s not great.

And this lists 3 properties (type, subtype and manufacturer) - how does this map to the 2 Projucer properties?

Just make sure the first character is uppercase, the rest will go smooth.

There are 3 properties in auval, type is aumu for instrument, aufx for effect, then the manufacturer code and the plugin code, it’s not rocket science :slight_smile:

Is the first property (type) called “Plugin AU Main Type” in the Projucer?

It doesn’t need to be rocket science to be hard to resolve - obscurity is a problem, too.

Update: yeah that’s the one.

Yes, that’s the one. Ctr-click in your AppConfig.h brings you to the options in AUComponent.h (from Apple Audio Toolbox ui):

kAudioUnitType_Effect is the default, it was suggested to have this as dropdown in Projucer, but it seems not to be important…

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I never touched that field. If you set “Plugin is Synth” to true, it will automatically choose the correct plugin type - at least on AU, for AAX you need to explicitly set Plugin AAX Category to AAX_ePlugInCategory_SWGenerators

That’s because for AAX the types/categories are not just 2:


E.g. you need it set to kAudioUnitType_Generator to make processBlock called without audio on the track. In fact, it is shown then in an instrument track rather than as effect.
So there is need to set them for different use cases.
For instance I experimented changing from kAudioUnitType_Effect to kAudioUnitType_MusicEffect, which made my plugin fail auval, because I didn’t consume midi events…
They are not superfluous at all and also not automatically always correct…

The only company which requires you to register your JucePlugin_ManufacturerCode with them is Avid.


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Hm… I’ve registered with Avid, and build AAX, which are running in the release version of Pro Tools, but I haven’t registered nor I’ve been asked to register (or just given) a Manufacturer Code with them. Are you sure about this?

It was in the original SDK setup docs… you send a request to Avid Dev Services to register your manufacturer ID