Resolved: Multi-line TextEditor uses mousewheel, but so does viewport it is in

Hello - it’s late and I just can’t figure this from prior posts on the subject…

I have a component (notes box) that contains a TextEditor with multiple lines enabled (and showing scrollbar when enough text is inside). This component is added within a viewport (a scrollable node graph) showing multiple other components.
When the mouse is over the TextEditor (in the notes box component), the scroll wheel will simultaneously scroll both the text editor AND the view port the ‘notes box’ component is in (I just want the text editor to scroll in this case).
What’s the best way to block the main viewport receiving/processing the mousewheel events?
I was assuming the component that had focus would consume the events.

Thanks for any tips.

OK… resolved it - turns out I had a parent component listening to mouse events on the nodes (including text editor one) that I was not aware was also picking up the wheel events and consequently forwarding them to its parent viewport.

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