Retina & setGlobalScaleFactor

If I let my application run on a Mac with Retina display: Is JUCE automatically setting the global scale factor correctly? I know there is a function Desktop::setGlobalScaleFactor(). Do I have to call it myself?

Sorry for asking, but I do not have a Retina Mac and my Mac is tool old for Retina emulation ( so I cannot test myself).

Yes, it should work fine. I use a Mac with both types of display, and so do lots of other people around the office, so it gets well tested.

Also, if your monitor is a standard (non-retina) one but with a decent resolution, you can also choose a HiDPI resolution from the Mac settings to test it.

This will effectively use two phisical pixels per point (i.e. everything on the desktop will be doubled in size) but the code will work as if on a retina display