Retrieve the name of a plugin?

Simple question: is there a way to retrieve the name of a plugin, the actual library name? Also, as I’m only working on windows, is it always the library name that the host names the plugin by? It certainly seems to work like this on windows.

Yes, on Windows that’s generally true.

Thanks Jules, my first question is still outstanding however, is there a way to retrieve the name of a plugin? I know how to do it on windows using winAPI calls, just wondering if there’s an easy and cross platform way to do it with Juce?

have a look at File::getSpecialLocation method in JUCE

also the Host names the plugin based on it’s own criteria, sometime it’s the filename sometimes it’s what you defined in the JucePluginCharacteristics sometimes it’s just some fowl language (if the authors of the DAW had some weird sense of humor). There is no way to tell what will be displayed. Each host has it’s own rules. I know that FLStudio takes the file name, Reaper even show the Vendor string, i don’t know how the rest do it.

Works like charm!