Return Keyboard Focus in FL Studio

I’m trying to capture some keyboard strokes in my VST plugin and have others go to the DAW (namely the spacebar should still start the play head in the DAW but some others should trigger functions in the plugin) in Ableton it works that if I return false in the keyPressed() override it goes to the DAW and starts playback or if I call giveAwayKeyboardFocus () or unfocusAllComponents () the focus goes back completely to the DAW as expected. However this does not work on FL Studio (tested with FL 20 on Windows)

There are many threads on this forum talking about Keyboard focus but normally it is the other way round that the DAW actually keeps the focus.

I assume that focus traverser does not help in this case since it just manages the focus among my components, not between plugin and DAW.

I know that it is somehow possible because there are plugins that capture the keyboard and then FL takes it back without the need to click into FL.

Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile: