Returning pointers from Juce's Array

Hello all.

Using the Juce Array, I have an Array of an Array of doubles.

If I call .getFirst() on the first Array of doubles I get the correct result, the first value of the array:

floatTester = midiTrackNotesArray[0].getFirst();

However, I need the pointer to return a pointer to the Array of Arrays from a function, so I use begin to return a pointer to the first Array:

tempArrayPointer = midiTrackNotesArray[0].begin();

Surely, that pointer points to the value which getFirst() returns correctly. However, when I dereference the pointer:

floatTester = *tempArrayPointer;

I get a nonsense return: e.g. -1.45682e+144.

I have tried plenty of variations but to no avail. Apologies if this is a C++ question, as I'm learning both C++ and library together it's not always clear which side of the fence the questions falls, but as I was using the Juce Array object it seemed to make sense.

Thank you.


Most likely you're using the pointer after the original Array has been deleted.

Hello Jules, thank you for your quick reply.

The code follows straight on from each other, so I can't imagine it would go out of scope:

        midiTrackNotesArray.insert(i, tempNoteArray);        
        tempArrayPointer = midiTrackNotesArray[0].begin();        
        floatTester = *tempArrayPointer;


It is going out of scope - the operator[] returns a temporary copy of the object you ask for. You probably want to use getReference(0) instead.

That works perfectly, so now I have the direct reference, I can create a pointer to that and return that from the function.

Thank you very much, many things (well, every step at the moment!) comes slow and I work most of them out, sometimes things just don't mentally unstick!