RME Fireface Asio Control Panel not shown


When pressing “show this device’s control panel” in AudioDeviceSelectorComponent (Asio Fireface is the selected device) the control panel not appear.

It just spends some time (700ms) on asioObject->controlPanel(); and nothing happens.

My application is 32bit on Windows 64bit, does anybody has similar issues or an idea?
In other applications like Cubase it works.


That code’s been stable for a long time and I’ve never seen any problems with it - sounds more like an issue with your particular soundcard. Unfortunately, once the call has disappeared into the driver like that, it’s hard to tell why it’s failing…


Do you get any errors back from asioObject->controlPanel() ?

In my driver, if I’m not going to actually display the control panel, I’ll return ASE_InvalidMode or ASE_InvalidParameter.

You might also check the asioCallbacks to see if the drivers control panel ever calls one of the callbacks.

Good luck,

David A. Hoatson


thanks, controlPanel() returns 0=ASE_OK
i can’t see whats happen inside controlPanel(), even with step by step debugging (disassembly view)
The only callback i detect while running controlPanel() is bufferSwitchCallback0


If you are seeing a bufferSwitchCallback, then the audio engine is still running. We don’t care about that, but maybe the RME driver does. Try shutting down the engine before launching the control panel.