ROLI is Hiring!

ROLI is on the look-out for software engineers. If you like working with JUCE, and you like the idea of working with Jules and even making the JUCE framework even better, head on over to the ROLI careers page at We are currently looking for:

  • Two Senior Software Engineers (one to work primarily on the JUCE framework, one working on ROLI projects that use JUCE)
  • A Mid-Level Software Engineer, working on JUCE
  • An Embedded Software Engineer
  • A Computer Vision Specialist
  • An iOS Developer

For all these roles, experience working with JUCE is a considerable plus!

Just a reminder that we are still hiring for all these roles.


For the Senior S/W and IOS Roles we will consider contractors.



Does the embedded position require being on site?

Most of our UK positions are on-site.

But this is a really old post - we do have some jobs open, but you'd need to check the list on!