Roli Rise 49 API


I have absolutely no idea if this is the right place to talk about this but I was sent here by Roli Support, saying that I should ask here so here goes.

Is there or will there be an API available for the Rise 25/49 that will allow reading the raw data from the Rise? This is actually a question on two different levels:

  1. I want to be able to read ‘raw’ pitchwheel data from the Rise without any type of ‘rounding’ or ‘correction’ applied. The MPE data that the Rise is sending is clearly still rounded, especially the initial pitch correction seems to be on all the time, even if you set the <> slider to max (no or minimal rounding). You can try this for instance by hitting a keywave deadcenter and then moving your finger to midway between to waves, then release and hit again where you released and you will notice that you get a different pitch.

It would be great if there was a way to really turn all Rise internal pitch-correction algorithms off, even if only programmatically by sending a SysEx message

  1. It would also be nice to be able to read the actual raw data readings for the entire matrix of pressure sensors that I assume are underneath the rubbery cover.

As a side note, I wonder why the Rise sends a PitchWheel value of 0x4000 just before NoteOn in MPE mode. I would expect it to send the intended initial value or the NoteOn that follows rather than ‘resetting’ it to 0x4000 (which does not make much sense since a reset to 0x2000 would be more logical).

I would think that these questions are directly related to the Rise firmware and not the applications running on the PC so I’m really wondering why I was sent here but here I am.


Hi Arjan,

Your first question regarding the initial pitch correction, I’m afraid it isn’t possible to completely disable this feature. The layout of the sensor array under the keys is as such that as you press into the keywave, you’re finger will first activate a single sensor, then as you push further in you’ll activate more sensors giving an accurate reading of where you’re touching the surface. If we disable the initial pitch correction, notes may slightly pitchbend as you’re playing them. For this reason, we have not implemented a method of switching off this feature.

Your second question regarding the raw data, I’m sorry to say that the USB on the RISE just isn’t fast enough to send the raw data, there’s just far too much of it. There are methods by which we could attempt to filter it down to just what you’d want to see, but this wouldn’t look much different than the MIDI output that you already get and would oddly warp as the surface deforms, making it very hard to work with. I’d approach this by converting the MIDI messages you get for Slide and Glide and converting them back into a coordinate if you wanted to use the surface in a general purpose manor.

The pitch is reset initially to prevent defects that sometimes occur on certain synths when the note-on is played on a channel that hasn’t had its pitch reset, a symptom of the pitch being shared across all notes on the channel.

As for why you were sent here to ask this stuff, I have no idea.

Hope this helps, sorry that I couldn’t be more positive.