Rotate text in place

so where, say, I have an ‘A’ placed somewhere, i’d like that a to be lying on its side, so to speak.

how the hell do you do this?

I’m trying…

but the bastard text will only appear for rads = float_Pi/2.0f !!! (and not with the orientation i want)

I’m after 45 degrees anticlockwise.

-(float_Pi/2.0f) nothing shows up
float_Pi * 1.5f nothing shows up

am i misunderstanding something here?

It’ll be rotated around (0, 0), so maybe it’s just getting swung round to a position that’s offscreen?

don’t think so.

I’ve shufftied my origin in the Graphics to put the text where i want it in the middle of the comp. plenty room for a full 360 degree spin there.

I realise i’ll need a translate after the rotate but i’m not worrying too much about that now. (i’ve tried rotating around where the centre of the text should be, to no avail!)

Hmm. I’ve used drawTextAsPath lots of times though, so am pretty sure it’s sound. Check out the code in the tab component for drawing the text on vertical tabs.


thats fridays for you! completely FORGOT that I am actually working on a SUB-component of the component!! lol. and aye it was just swinging outside the bounds. LOL

think i’ll quit coding now and go do backups or clean the office kitchen or something!