Safely querying tempo/signature/position from the audio thread(s)


One of my custom plugin requires to be fed with tempo/signature/position, but it seems I can’t just use the TempoSequence (from the Edit) since this code could trigger an async update :

tempo::BarsAndBeats TempoSequence::toBarsAndBeats (TimePosition t) const
    return internalSequence.toBarsAndBeats (t);

and :

void TempoSequence::updateTempoDataIfNeeded() const
    // The check on isUpdatePending is to avoid triggering a message thread assert
    // if this is called on a background thread when no update is needed
    if (tempos->isUpdatePending())

    if (timeSigs->isUpdatePending())

I can’t call the isUpdatePending() methods myself since tempos and timeSigs aren’t public.

So… How I can retrieve tempo/signature/positions safely from the audio context ?

Thank you !


You can use create a tempo::Sequence::Position and then use that from the audio thread.
It directly uses the internal tempo data so doesn’t do the updating and is thread safe.

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Perfect, thank you @dave96 !