Save midi clips in project and use them in many edits

Dear Tracktion-Community!

My aim is to store additional information in the state of MidiClips in a way, that it effects many different edits that use the clip. My understanding is, that this might be the usecase of the not so often used “project” class.

Is there an example, where the project is used in the described way? or if not, how would you approach it?

My task in pseudo code:
// user adds a clip_X in edit_A
=> clip appears in the editComponent_A
=> clip is saved in the project library
// user uses clip_x in edit_B and changes it here
=> clip appears in editComponent_B
// user opens edit_A again
=> clip_x is used in its new state

this might have been clear or even clearer before the pseudo code :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!

Brainstorming my thoughts to trigger some feedback :slight_smile:
My current guess is, that clips do by default get an.
EditItemID, not a ProjectItemID
Hence I would have to add the same logic that exists for for EditItemIds already, on my own for ProjectItemIds using the existing ProjectItemId functionality.

Is it getting warmer? Colder?

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this.
I’m struggling to think of a nice way to do this. When you add a MIDI clip to a track, it just gets added to that Edit’s state. There really isn’t anything to “share” between the Edits. Audio clips can share audio files so if you edit those, the changes will be shared but that’s just not the case for MIDI.

Can I ask what you’re trying to achieve as there might be a different way to do it.