Saving presets file on iOS

Hi guys,
I’m porting one of my plugins to iOS and I’m refactoring the presets system.
I’ve been able to get the fileChooser to show and save on both the standalone app and the AUv3 plugin (the file is zero bytes, but I guess the save process is different for iOS compared to desktop).
From a quick glance through similar threads, I understand I’ll get an URLResult and I need to create a stream.

Aynways, I’m wondering how to get these kind of folders (like Animoog, GarageBand and iMS20):

Also, what the path for this location is?


For my freebie / open-source I’ve ended up using the share which works well.

This is the sharing/exporting of a preset:

Here’s the import:

On iOS especially when I’d guess you’ll end up also with a standalone app,
You’ll have additional tweaks like:

  • announcing your extension on the plist
  • add to CMake/Projucer settings your shared files folder (so you’d have access to it on both - Standalone and AUv3).