Scaling issue in Cubase 11 (Windows)

We’ve been reported by Steinberg QA of the following issue regarding plug-in scaling.

We’ve been able to reproduce it with the default-generated VST3 plug-in from current develop branch.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set system scaling to 125%
  2. Open Cubase 11 and insert the plug-in on an audio track
  • At this point the plug-in UI correctly appears with 125% scale
  1. Choose “Always on Top” from the plug-in menu (see screenshot below)


  • After clicking the “Always on Top” menu item, the plug-in UI incorrectly reverts to 100% scale (see screenshot below, where it clearly appears considerably smaller than previous image):

Closing then reopening the plug-in UI restores it at the correct 125% scale.

The issue happens whenever “Always on Top” is toggled, regardless of whether it’s being enabled or disabled.

Accompaining the report, we received the following concise description of the calls being made by Cubase up to the moment the issue happens, hope that helps:

• create IPlugView
• some other calls to IPlugView
• call IPlugViewContentScaleSupport::setContentScaleFactor (1.25);
• call IPlugView::attached()
• some other calls to IPlugView
• call IPlugView::removed()
• some other calls to IPlugView
• call IPlugViewContentScaleSupport::setContentScaleFactor (1.25);
• call IPlugView::attached() ← now the plugView always uses a scalefactor of 1

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I have an issue that I suspect has a similar root:

Popup menus are tiny using Cubase 11 Windows 10. Cubase 8.5 Windows 10 is scaling the Popup menus correctly.

Cubase 11:
Cubase 8.5:
(note: due to using Parallels, this 8.5 screenshot has the wrong DPI, but under Windows natively the resolution is 2x on the same 4k display, yet the size remains equal)

I also see strange sizing occurring when switch the Always on Top setting.

I can confirm issue reported by @yfede

We’ve been able to reproduce the issue and I have a potential fix on the way. We’re a bit busy for the next week or so with ADC, but hopefully we’ll be able to push the fix shortly after the conference. I’ll update this thread once the fix is on develop.

Thanks for your patience. I think the following patches should resolve the issue:

Please try updating and let us know if you run into any further problems.


I confirm that updating JUCE to the current develop tip solved the reported issue, thank you!

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