ScopedPointers on AudioUnit views


You’ve recently changed the AU Wrapper to use ScopedPointers to the plug-in’s Carbon and Cocoa views.
The plug-in validates OK with the auval -v command line tool.
But when loading the JuceDemoPlugin in AULab and switching between the Carbon and the Cocoa views, an assertion failure is triggered in the view destructor: jassert (isParentOf (editor))
I am not sure if this happens with both views or only Cocoa. As a consequence, hosts crash when closing and reopening the plug-in view.

Config: Juce v1.52.95, Mac OS X 10.5.8

Thank you for your help!

Ah… thanks for letting me know, I hadn’t tried swapping between the two types of view, and that would certainly mess it up - I should have used a Component::SafePointer instead… Ok, will sort that out!