Scripting a JUCE app -- SWIG, SIP, etc

Hello all,
I have a framework for audio synthesis/processing that uses JUCE (, and I’d like to be able to script it from some scripting language (like python3) in order to be able to enable users to create soft-synth servers without having to compile static apps. This was possible in earlier versions of CSL (before we adopted JUCE) using SWIG, but SWIG seems to have issues with several features of C++11 that are used heavily in JUCE.
Does anyone know of a straightforward method of making bindings between a scripting language and a JUCE library that doesn’t require recreating all of the header files method-by-method (there are a lot of them)?
I’ve looked at SWIG, cython, SIP and PyCxx so far.
…any reply appreciated.
Stephen in Santa Barbara