Scripting Producer?

Using the faust2juce script we create ‘producer’ files

Could the generated .jucer file be scripted so that to completely automate the creation of the various targets (plugins in OS X, Windows, Android, Linux…) ?

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I was thinking (somewhat) along different lines (creating a Default configuration which is automatically generated by projucer itself - e.g. if juce_audio_devices module used, check ASIO and add ASIO SDK path to Header Search Paths - Setting Win32 rather than x64 if Visual Studio versions allow it, default Selected Exporter etc), but I really like this,too

@sletz I am not entirely sure what you mean by “scripting Projucer”, but if you mean that you want to do everything on the command line, you already can. Projucer understands several command line arguments, including --resave that will create the Xcode project, Visual Studio solution, Android Studio project, Makefiles, … Then you can call the native build-system (xcodebuild, MSBuild, make, …) on the command line as well to build your project.

Thanks, is this documented somewhere ?

I don’t know about anywhere else other than Projucer --help.

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