Scrolling Issues with Single-Line Text Editors

It looks like auto-scrolling with single-line text editors may have gotten broken in a recent JUCE release. If I type text into an editable Label object and type beyond what will fit into its visible width, the editor doesn’t scroll to keep the caret in view. If I press the ‘end’ key, it’ll move the caret to the end of the visible text rather than to the rightmost character, so there’s no apparent way to see any text beyond the leftmost visible characters in the text editor.

I’m experiencing this in all the code I’ve compiled, and it’s also present in the projucer (though I’ve only tested on Windows so far). I tried an older version of the projucer that I built in March of 2020, and it works correctly there, so apparently something has gone amiss between then and now.

The JUCE code base I’m using has a few custom edits, but nothing I can spot that seems likely to cause this. Is this issue occurring for other Jucers, or is it just me?

Have you tested this with the latest develop? There have been some fixes since the 6.0.8 release.

Thanks, this appears to be fixed in the ‘develop’ branch.