Searching a known MIDI device on XP


My app requires to connect to a known USB MIDI device, so I scan all MIDI in & out devices and automatically connect to the device that has the name I'm expecting.

This works fine on Win 7 and Mac.

Unfortunately on Xp, it does not work since the name of the connected USB MIDI device is somehting like "USB Audio device",  also depending on the OS language. 
I know I can ask users to install a specific .inf file that will change the name of my device, but I was wondering first if there is a way to know the USB vendor ID and product ID of the attached device using Juce ? 
In that way, I could scan the attached devices until the VID and PID correspond to the one I'm searching for.

Thanks to all.


You could send a sysex message requesting their identity to the devices that appear with the name USB Audio Device and get this information that way.