Searching for my own posts in the forums

It's very awkward when I come back after several months and look for an old post I remember writing, to see if anyone has answered it.

It would be nice if we could have something where you can view your posts.

I did post on this topic a couple of years back, but I can't find the old post (ho ho ho).


An important but missing feature from phpBB... I thought the site+forum were going to change soon?

It works by searching for your own username.

You can do this with subscriptions. If you click on your name at the top (it'll say Hello pi) you'll see a tab that says Subscriptions. You can auto-subscribe to threads you create by checking Auto-subscribe to new content in the settings. You can also subscribe to threads that you comment on. It may not be the best way, but it does work. Then to see the threads you subscribe to, click on Page/Threads while on the Subscriptions tab.

I don't know what the default settings are for subscriptions, but it may be too subscribe to threads you create. You should check that out and look at your subscribed threads if it is. 

Super, Thanks Jordan!