Secret Rabbit Code lic. change

I just noticed that the Secret Rabbit Code SRC license has changed:

From its first release in 2002, Secret Rabbit Code was under a dual licensing scheme where people could chose to use it under the terms of the GNU General Public License or pay for a commercial use license.

In 2016, thanks to a generous offer from Epic Games International, Secret Rabbit Code was relicensed under the 2-clause BSD license.

Would this mean that SRC could be included in JUCE?



I’ve been looking into resampling as I’ve just now had the need for it in my project. There’s no way I can use linear, and the only other resampling in Juce is the Lagrange interpolator, which I’m sure is adequate (not tried it yet) but wanted mroe options, maybe present them to the user, provide some kind of offline render and wave data caching if the best result was too cpu intensive for real time.

I found this site that compares sample rate conversion

Secret Rabbit Code’s resampling looks amazing. So assuming it’s ok to distribute my plugin with the BSD license along with it I will be using Secret Rabbit Code’s resampler. I will implement it this weekend.

I’ve implemented a class here ( that uses Secret Rabbit Code. I’ve hardly tested it. It might be a good starting point for you.