Seeking contractor to convert existing Win/OSX app to JUCE


We are seeking a contractor to take existing code that we have for a wrapper application (Windows and OSX) and port it to use JUCE. The wrapper application loads a VST plug-in, and then passes it the audio data being passed into the sound card.

The application (and the VST plug-in that it currently loads) can be downloaded from

To clarify, this job doesn’t include any work on the plug-in itself, just on the wrapper application.

The job is:

  1. To convert the existing code to JUCE (or provide all the existing functionality in JUCE, whichever is easier), making as much code as possible cross-platform.

  2. Currently the wrapper application can read-in stereo or 5.1 audio from the sound card, but the selection of channel routings is quite limited. We would like to provide a fully featured channel routing matrix for users to select the channels they want from the sound card and pass them to the plug-in in the correct order.

  3. Currently the wrapper uses ASIO drivers on Windows. We would like to add the option for the user to select WASAPI and Direct Sound drivers instead (as these are provided easily through JUCE).

  4. We would like to provide a menu option to enable the loading of audio files. When this option is switched on, the wrapper application should show a transport bar (play, pause, stop, drag-able play-position slider), and a button to load audio files. When playing the audio with this transport bar, the audio data should be passed to the wrapped plug-in, and also, the sound data should be played so the user can hear it (with the outgoing sound driver being selectable and routable like the incoming sound driver). The transport bar should also have a button to “scan” the file, passing the data through to the plug-in faster-than-real-time, and not playing it out.

Please email me at paul at nugenaudio dot com

I’m very happy to provide more information as required. Please could you send a break-down of the tasks you think are required, for the 4 sub-jobs, and give us a cost and time estimate for each sub-job.