Separate Demo Build?

Hi, I have noticed that some software developers provide a demo that can be activated with a licence and others provide a separate demo build. I am guessing that there may be some anti piracy advantages with a separate demo build. Can anyone explain what the advantages/disadvantages are?



If the demo build is completely missing some crucial features, it’s not really feasible for a cracker to add those features into the code themselves. (Maybe a sufficiently patient cracker could do it, but it’s very likely nobody ever would.)

Separate demo builds can be more convenient for the end users, since user registration, additional license management software etc should not be necessary.

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Cheers @Xenakios, that makes a lot of sense! :grinning:

On the other hand, having two builds means double maintenance. Worst case you end up bug fixing two different builds.
In my opinion I want to offer demo builds, so I can refer to, if a user says “it doesn’t work” - “did you try the demo”… doesn’t mean you should be difficult with your clients, but it gives confidence for both parties.

It really depends, how much effort you expect the crackers to do, and how much effort you want to set against.