Session clip

In the new tracktion engine is there some kind of session clip ?

What do you mean by a “session clip”?

I implemented a session clip launcher like ableton.

Since the session clips share the same track settings (plugins etc…) as the arrangement view we used the methodology of adding session clips in the tracks and marking them with a properties that discriminates their type ( session = true ) and allows us to represent them graphically in one way rather than another based on the context.
This way we can play the different contexts (session, arrangement, and mixed) through the mute/unmute properties of the clips depending on where you hit the play button ( from transport or session clip, just like ableton).
Do you think this is the right approach or does the engine provide ad-hoc functionality for such clips ?

I think that’s a good plan at the moment.
We don’t have anything directly modelling a “session view” at the moment in the Engine as we’ve been focusing on the audio graph elements to do so. We’ll hopefully get to that once I’ve cleared the backlog of issues and requests that have built up whilst I’ve been working on that and releasing Waveform Free.

thank you Dave