setBorderWidth() for CallOutBox?

Would it be possible to add a utility method to change the width of the border in a CallOutBox? It’s hard coded to 20, which seems rather thick for certain cases? I’m also having difficult in popping out a TextEditor. It displays fine, but not matter what I set the border thickness too, it always displays a large border around it? Is this to do with the CallOutBox, or the TextEditor? I’ve tried numerous fixes, but not of them get rid of that pesky border when displaying a textEditor!


I sorted the outline issue, but it would still be handy to be able to set the border width on these things.

p.s. I must have set a new record for the most amount of self-answered posts at this stage! Do I win a prize?!

I agree it should probably be in the lookandfeel - will add it if/when I get a moment.

I’ll leave that question for you to answer…

hi jules, it seems the callOutBox border's width is still not in the lnf. Would you mind adding that sometime?

Sure, that's there now.