setControlHighlight() and parameter indexes

A while back I had made this FR about the AudioProcessorEditor::setControlHighlight() method and how the ParameterControlHighlightInfo struct includes an integer index instead of a parameter ID string:

I’m now using JUCE 5.4.7, but the integer still seems to be part of the info struct. So I ask:

If you’re using AudioProcessorValueTreeState in a plugin and not using parameter groups (aka it’s just adding params as a flat list) is using that integer to index the array from AudioProcessor::getParameters() safe?

From my understanding reading the wrapper code for VST3/AAX, JUCE may make a bypass parameter for your plugin but it doesn’t seem to get added to the plugin in a way that would make it show up in the getParameters() array. So from my limited testing it seems safe, I just couldn’t find anything in the docs on it…