setItemEnabled behaviour


I want in some situation to disable certain items in a combobox. To do that I use setItemEnabled(item,false)

When I use the mouse to see the drop down the disabled items are correctly gray’ed out, but using the keyboard (up down) to scroll through the list, I am fully able to select / stay at one of the disabled items.

Is this the expected behaviour?

Interesting point, I guess I’ve never tested that before! I’ll take a look, it certainly shouldn’t let you do that…

…erm, ok, I just tried disabling some of the items in the juce demo, and it seems to work just fine (?) Can you tell me how to reproduce what you’re seeing?

Ah, I see what you mean now. I was trying it with the meu popped-up, but you’re talking about just cycling through the items without the menu showing. Thanks, I’ll sort that out…