setParameterNotifyingHost() not working

VST, windows i checked my code and the JuceDemoPlugin in Live and FLStudio, when the call is made the host does not update it’s parameter values

i stepped through the calls and i got to:

void AudioEffect::setParameterAutomated (VstInt32 index, float value)
	setParameter (index, value);
	if (audioMaster)
		audioMaster (&cEffect, audioMasterAutomate, index, 0, 0, value);	// value is in opt

but it looks like the audioMaster is invalid and the callback is never made (the debugger just steps over it and never enters it)

That’s not actually my code - it’s part of the Steinberg SDK…

well yes i know :slight_smile: but it doesn’t get executed i don’t know why really.

(the vst linux code was my fault), however the setParameterNotifyingHost() not working is still there.