Setting Plugin Channel Configurations not working?


I've searched this forum for what I'm about to ask, but the solutions I've found aren't working.

My problem is simple - I'm writing a plugin that needs to support only 2 channel configurations: mono input-stereo output, and stereo input-stereo output. I have set the Plugin Channel Configurations in IntroJucer to {1, 2}, {2, 2}. Isn't this all that needs to be done? But when I load the plugin as an AU in Logic on a Mono track, I only see the option of the "Mono" version of the plugin (as opposed to the option of "Mono->Stereo" showing up).

How can I get it to display Mono->Stereo? Inside the plugin processing code itself, I can correctly get the number of input channels and handle the buffers accordingly etc. But given that I would like the plugin to show up with a "Mono->Stereo" option in the menu itself (i.e. before the plugin actually even is loaded), I'd imagine what I do in the code shouldn't make a difference here.

Could anyone please clarify/help? Thanks!


Not all hosts will be able to handle a plugin that has a different number of ins and outs. Whatever numbers you provide for the channel configs will be passed on to the host, but it's up to the host how it chooses to use that.

Well, I see other plugins in Logic do indeed show up with Mono->Stereo options. So I'd imagine its fair to assume that Logic does handle/support this case, no? Here's the Delay Designer plugin in Logic showing this option; just one of many plugins that does this.





I am stuck on the same issue. Is there a solution for this?


For anyone that encounters this - I solved this by creating a new project. It seems that, whatever you set in the IntroJucer the FIRST time around, will persist, even if you change it later i.e. if you keep the config blank for example the first time you create the project, then even if you fill in {1, 2}, {2, 2} the next time around (either by re-opening the JUCE project, or by directly updating the AppConfig file in the source code of the project), it won’t get picked up. Create a completely new project to solve the problem :\

hmmm, sounding more like you needed to rescan your plugin : ) sometimes completely removing it and opening the host, closing, opening, rescanning, etc… will do the trick.

Nah, I have tried this multiple times - rescanning, completely removing etc… it doesn’t work :\

Have you tried this:

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Ah yes, finally! Manually deleting the cache seems to do the trick! Thank you!!!

Glad that helped!

Yeah, I had the same when forgetting to set the “company name” field and until finding that advice couldn’t get Logic to show anything other than “yourcompany” !

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Tell me about it! I was even more convinced the problem wasn’t Logic-related because the correct channel configs also wouldn’t show up for me in other DAWs (like Ardour for egs). Manually deleted the Ardour AU Cache and it works there too now :slight_smile: