Setting slider value without changes in UI

I have a situation, where two sliders are in picture, slider1 & slider2.
slider1 has sliderattachment, and slider2 has listner.

when slider2 is changed, slider1 values should change accordingly (there are some mathematical calulations involved) , but slider1 is not expected to show these changes visually, on UI.

I tried to use slider1.setValue(newVal) but using setValue() function forces slider1 to change it’s value on UI as well.

Is there any other method I can adopt to meet this requirement?

Any help/ suggestion is appreciated! TIA!


That sounds like a bad design, to have a slider showing a value other than its value. It sounds like slider 2 should be attached to another parameter, and then the two should be used to derive your final use case value in processBlock()

got it, so it needs fixes on processor instead doing on editor.
Thanks @Fandusss !