Using the VST sdk one can call setUniqueID() in the (AudioEffectX) plugin constructor. It seems that with Juce one MUST define this unique ID in the JucePluginCharacteristics.h file. In a non-juce VST project it’s possible to have the plugin read a text file in its constructor and retrieve and set a unique ID. Is there any way I can do this within the current Juce framework? I couldn’t find the equivalent of setUniqueID in the docs.

So I guess there is no way to do this within the current Juce framework, without hacking the VST wrapper of course, which is what I had to do.

Well it’s not something that I could implement in a way that also makes sense for AUs, RTAS, etc. It’s completely VST-specific.

The reason I’m asking if that I have a dummy plugin that reads a text file for information on how to function, different text files cause to plugin to look and behave differently. I create new plugins by writing a new text file and cloning my ‘dummy’ plugin library. Up until I started loading my plugins in Sibelius I hadn’t noticed the problem of not setting a unique ID for each plugin. So now I give the user the option of specifying the ID in their text file. This works so far on VST. Are you suggesting that I won’t be able to use a similar trick for AU? Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, IDs are completely different in AUs and RTAS. Sounds like you’ll need to do quite a few platform-specific hacks to get that going.

Thanks for the heads up.