setValueNotifyingHost() within worker threads

Hi all! More scalability experiments here.

I’m doing a bunch of tests across daws, attempting unserialization and parameter manipulation in different threads. (Tens of thousands of params)

When setValueNotifyingHost is called outside the message thread (from a juce threadpool), FL studio vomits - other daws dont seem to complain though. In the FL case though, even locking the message manager thread didnt seem to cure the ailment.

I know its dicey territory. It seems that there is also deprecated audioprocessorparameterlistener code in the change callback that is noted as scheduled for deletion. Well aware that context is important here.

I guess if I have to roll this into a coherent question; is setValueNotifyingHost() designed only to be safely executed on the message thread?

Just trying to wrap my brain around this. I think param update logic bleeds into the vst wrappers, which I haven’t thoroughly examined. Thanks in advance for any helpful insight!


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